I have to start somewhere...

Here's some links for now:
This is a collection of my bashrc and related files. I've been daily-driving Linux terminals now for years and this is one of the first things I install. The screenshot below however is taken from one of my Windoze hosts.

If you work in CND/DFIR/CTI and you aren't familiar with LaikaBOSS, I recommend taking a look. It's a framework originally intended as an IDPS, but it's since grown to do far more than just those tasks. The core concept is that modern file-types tend to be tiered and follow an object-oriented design, so a modern IDS/IPS needed to be able to analyze these objects as such.
getrichlaikaboss was a short script I wrote to determine the compilation toolset of a Windoze PE. Every exe and dll compiled with Visual Studio will contain a Rich Header, which in turn contains a list of tools used to compile, assemble, and link all of the files in the project. However, that list is stored in numerical form and requires a lookup table to determine the original toolset. getrichlaikaboss will take LaikaBOSS JSON as input and return that list as output.


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